The challenge of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, strategic alliances and corporate restructuring is to ensure that the intended value in any deal is realized.  It is all about achieving value at the lowest possible cost with minimal risks. 

 Every corporate transaction demands the right structure, rigorous risk analysis and strategic planning to deliver value to convince stakeholders in the deal and eventually the market that the deal makes sense. Anti-trust, regulatory and governance issues must be addressed and understood. Finance, tax, employment and intellectual property requirements must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the deal.

Working closely with law firms and tax/accounting practices, we provide project in house counsel services to assist companies, organizations and governments in working together seamlessly to:

Coordinate complex global transactions successfully

Meet regulatory requirements

Prepare local documentation

Advise on tax matters

Assist in due diligence investigations; and

Deliver the required legal opinions covering multiple jurisdictions