Privacy & Personal Data Protection

There is no "one size fits all" privacy regime that will work for every company, every organization and every country. Differences in legal systems, legal values and political philosophy means that what works for one organization may not suit the other. But optimal privacy regimes do share some characteristics - they are flexible, robust and allow the interplay of technology, legal issues, business practices and government policies to put agreed privacy principles into everyday practice.

As an in-house project legal counsel, I provide strategic services in relation to the development of privacy regimes including processes, structures and methodologies that encompass both legal and business aspects. Targeting both policy makers and corporations, I provide strategic advice and planning services including the development of privacy toolkits aimed at balancing the values of individual privacy with the drive for an open and competitive companies and economies.

Examples of privacy-related work that I provide includes

  1. preparation of codes of conduct for companies and organizations
  2. contracts related to transfer of data
  3. seal programs for companies as part of an assurance program.