Strategic IP Enforcement

Eradication of counterfeit products such as pirated software requires a strategic approach as well as a multi-pronged program of action centering around intelligence, airtight investigation and effective legal follow through in the courts. A strategic preventive approach coupled with strong political will that can be developed by forming strategic partnership with the authorities is also an imperative in combating piracy in the longer term.

As an in-house project counsel or consultant, I provide the following Strategic IP Enforcement services including:

  • Strategy development for IP enforcement including intelligence, communication and prevention
  • Strategic government engagement in IP enforcement
  • Third party advocacy programs
  • Development of software asset management programs
  • Market study of piracy losses
  • Review of legal framework with a view to strengthen the IP protection framework
  • Tracking, investigating, and dismantling counterfeiting operations in the region focusing on manufacturers, suppliers and financiers
  • Leading major investigations and prosecutions against internet-related offenders, across a series of threats related to counterfeiting, spam, viruses, worms, and other malicious software code