Strategic Marketing of Ideas, Brands & Capabilities....not just products

Strategy development is key to the successful rollout of any programs. To promote products and services using traditional marketing tools is one thing. But to profile and position capabilities, brands and visual identities to create greater mindshare requires greater subtlety and a different kind of strategic marketing. I provide strategic planning and strategic marketing services for companies, government and organizations and help conceptualize, develop and implement strategic outreach campaigns for their ideas, brands and capabilities which are at the heart of products and services.

Typical range of services I provide include developing engagement strategies to "market" ideas, policy postures, specific capability building programs of companies and governments that meet the needs of the high technology community, and the broader public interest. Examples of such strategic marketing work includes:

Government Engagement Programs

Program that seek to support the ICT industries’ continued strong economic growth by helping to create a dialogue in national capitals and with multilateral organizations that promotes sound public policy and addresses emerging legislative and regulatory issues.

Industry affairs programs

Support participation in industry trade associations and similar professional groups. This is done for example through a company’s community affairs programs to promote corporate citizenship through leadership in employee and corporate giving programs designed to connect people with the resources they need, especially in the areas of access to technology and skills development.

Other types of projects include:

Assist with the development of the plans, policies, communications tools and strategies supporting the government and industry affairs mission. This includes:

  • Issues Management – support a company’s priority public policy objectives; advise on public policy issues and trends that are likely to impact the industry; work with trade associations and other groups to identify and positively shape positions on these issues; and provide information to policy makers on these issues. Important issues include software ecosystem, privacy, security, intellectual property protection, citizenship activities, antitrust laws, trade and market access, as well as others.
  • Outreach activities to help oversee outreach efforts with policymakers, staff, advocacy organizations, trade associations, multi-lateral organizations and industry partners to promote greater understanding of technology policy issues. I can serve as third party public spokesperson in this field and help promote a broader dialogue between companies and others in the high technology community, government, and other groups that share an interest in these public issues.
  • Working with the PR team to help develop a program to effectively communicate the company’s or government’s commitment to the communities in which they live and work.